Traveling to Europe with Columbia

Every year Columbia offers a study abroad program. I feel so lucky to go to a school that has these programs available and affordable. My sophomore year I travelled to Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris over a two week period. We really crammed it all in there and got lost along the way. 

We covered foreign affairs, politics, the NATO summit, and international war crimes. The most enlightening part of the trip was when we filled up a coach bus and rolled out to Brussels to the International Affairs Court House where we watched a live court hearing of a so-called president from South Africa. He was being charged with multiple war crimes. 

The whole trip showed me and my fellow classmates that there is more out there than we think. As a journalist, you don't only have to write and report what's happening in Chicago, your home town or even the United States of America. As journalists we have a voice; we have the ability to tell stories and report events, tragedies, and breaking news unlike anyone else.