Chicago Collection Internship

The work experience at Max Mara got my foot in the door. I applied to Chicago Collection Magazine through Columbia. They said they had interviewed a number of candidates, but still couldn't find someone who was suitable. I was up for the challenge. 

After I applied for the internship, I schmoozed my way into my boss's heart. I sent follow-up emails and kept in touch with her so that she couldn't forget me. I wanted this job! Fate was on my side, and I got the internship after a fun, light interview I had with them in their small, quaint office. 

So I jumped right from one internship to another. I started to work during the summer of junior year coming in twice a week for six hours and busting out as much editing power as I had. I edited the entire magazine. Holy moly. It took a lot of calling people and fact checking, but I actually kind of liked it after a while. I felt like I had a purpose and goals, and I enjoyed reading all the articles before everyone else saw them in glossy print. 

As the sizzling summer was winding down, my two bosses took me to lunch and over sushi they thanked me for all my hard work and gave me a lot of helpful advice. I loved working there so much that I went out on a limb and asked if I could stay on as their fall intern. I continued to work there throughout the fall of my senior year at Columbia. 

Chicago Collection gave me the opportunity to build my portfolio. I now have published articles, editing skills, photo shop skills, and I even know how to run a photo shoot. I guess you could say I'm a very 'learn as you go' type of learner. I have to feel it, touch it and caress it in order for me to fully understand. My boss at Chicago Collection Magazine had the confidence in me and gave me the opportunity to really dive into the work and have total control. For that, I am forever grateful.